Home Safety Tips.

How Regular Garage Door Maintenance Can Increase the Safety of Your Home

A recent study has shown that 15 percent of all unwanted home intrusions take place due to poor garage door maintenance. Although they are made to last for years, garage doors are still vulnerable to normal wear and tear, fact that makes them prone to burglaries. Here are a few tips that can help you identify the weak spots of your garage door in order to do the necessary repairs, adjustments or replacements.

Improper Installation
If your garage door has been installed by amateurs, then you have to call a licensed, bonded and insured installer, before it’s not too Garage Door Company in Bella Vista ARlate. Have them inspect your door and fix any problems they may find. You’ll be amazed to find out how many things untrained installers can miss.

Missing Reinforcement Bracket.
Depending on the type of door, the manufacturer and type of materials it’s made of, some doors may come with a reinforcement bracket, and others may not. However, the reinforcement bracket, also known as the stiffener, is a crucial component of the garage door. Its main function is to reinforce the top panel and offer increased strength to the entire door. Failing to install the stiffener may result in a less efficient door, not to mention that it offers an opportunity to force the door open.

Outdated Opener.
Old garage doors use a very simple remote control open systems. To have a clue about how rudimentary some of the openers are, imagine that you can buy a universal remote control for them. This means that anyone can open and close your garage door, without even having to force it. The solution is to replace your old opener with a new one which uses rolling codes. This means that your remote control will be impossible to replicate.

Lack of Maintenance.
Having your garage door inspected on a regular basis leaves less chance for burglars to find weak spots. Additionally, you get to enjoy a well-operational garage door for longer. Call (479) 855-2974 and have us, the team of Clark Overhead Doors, inspect your garage door. We are one of the most reliable garage door maintenance service providers in Bella Vista, AR.

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