Garage Door Maintenance Tips.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Well-Maintained.

Considering the fact that garage door repairs don’t come cheap, it’s only natural to want to avoid expensive services for as long as possible. Although this may sound impossible, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. As a matter of fact, it’s simpler than you think. Just follow the guidelines below.

First, and probably the most important in garage door maintenance, is lubrication. Garage doors are formed of heavy metal pieces which move up and down all the time. Obviously, friction is a major problem, and the only way to avoid it, is to provide proper lubrication. So, Choose Clark Overhead Doorspurchase a WD-40 or a silicone-based lube and give all tracks, hinges, latches and rollers a good squirt with it. Lubricate the bearing on torsion-spring openers or pulleys on extension-spring openers.

Before applying lubricant, make sure all parts are clean and dust free. Applying lube over a dusty surface can do more harm than good. This is because lube, in combination with dust particles, forms a highly abrasive surface, which will then affect every metal that comes in contact with it. That’s why you should first clean all your garage door moving parts using a mixture of water and dish detergent. Also make sure the parts are completely dry before you apply the lubricant.

Another garage door maintenance tip is to inspect your door/doors on a regular basis. Make sure the door closes completely and there are no spaces between the door and the floor. Due to extensive use and normal wear and tear, some garage door may become unbalanced and develop spaces between one end of the door and the ground. If you encounter such an issue, consider hiring a professional right away and have the problem fixed.

There are companies that offer garage door maintenance services. Hiring such a contractor gives you peace of mind that your door will function properly all time. Clark Overhead Doors is located in Bella Vista, AR and offers outstanding garage door maintenance services. If you’re interested, call (479) 855-2974 and find out more about our offers.

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